Dear J—

My coworker came into the office yesterday to tell me it had just hit 100°F in Sunnyvale, which surprised me; I had stepped out to get some food from the truck (fish tacos) and realized it was warm but not that hot. While we would get the occasional hot day here it wasn’t, as far as I could tell, that hot. In San Diego you might expect it, being a coastal desert, and we would get the occasional passing hot day amidst a spell of warm ones, but here, it had been cool and breezy the day before when I got back from Colorado and I hadn’t been expecting anything other than that, this being a fairly mild spring as these have gone.

This morning it’s still warm and the night was spent a bit restlessly alternately seeking warmth on one hand and throwing off the heavy covers on the other; there was a time when I might have called this unseasonably warm weather earthquake weather but … it’s expected to break tomorrow and after that we should be all right. I’ve been hit pretty hard by the dry hot weather, allergy-wise, and am hoping for a break.



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