Here and There

Dear J-

I have the office to myself over the next week, though I’ll be gone on Monday and Tuesday, so there’s been no incidences of me slobbing up the place more than the already-established small disaster pile that is my desk. When I’m there in the mornings I’ll tend to plug into headphones and tune out the rest of the world, though I won’t have that opportunity in the near future while I … yeah, I dunno. Friday and it’s all right for listening while we get ready for work, right? Friday and we’re heading towards where we’re meant to be.

You spend money in drips and drabs and that starts to add up after a while, doesn’t it? A little here and a bit there are soon overwhelming our budget, which is zero for fun stuff like this. But but but the opportunity? These opportunities come again, sooner than you think too. Forget your opportunity, and forget your paranoia too; it’s not simple and also not hard to figure out where we’re going with this: headed towards another meltdown despite your insistence that you could stop. Yep.



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