Slow Progress

Dear J—

We have had, er, I have had little success and no small frustration in drafting this report as it feels like the more I write, the more I have to keep repeating myself. I’d rather be drawing some illustrative figure or pretending I know what’s what about what’s next, which I don’t but I have fun anyway. How do you … no. Let’s get these changes executed first and then go on with what you need to be complete. See, I can’t even write about it without being slower than I thought I’d be.

Meanwhile … I’m off to Denver on Sunday, and I still need to cancel a car reservation to conform with personal policy (thou shalt not drive a rental car) that’s in every danger of being broken with every trip I go on. What else do we have coming up? Birthday parties. Girl Scout outings. Many different (diffident) paths, lots of work, and yet here you are diddling around with drawings. Yep. I feel extra useful, don’t you?

I think the train this morning may have gotten skunked; I smelled it coming into the station and I don’t know what else we might need to do as we progress forward through the days and nights yet to come. I’m at the point where there’s too much going on and I need to winnow it down to a useable pile and … okay. Deep breath. One thing at a time, and if that breaks down to one word, then one sentence, one paragraph, any steady progress is better than none, and I’ve only got one set of eyes and a pair of hands to do the writing with, so let’s take a minute to do this right.



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