Dry Wind

Dear J—

I stayed up too late last night doing things I didn’t need to do (let’s find out how to construct a Union Jack so that you can make a square version! I whipped one out in twenty minutes, which was great except it was twenty minutes out of my sleep time. Plus I’m not sure why Inkscape’s being goofy about cut-and-paste on OSX: cut and paste a line segment and watch it grow by approximately 10% in all dimensions. What?) so I’m rubbing my eyes this morning which is pretty crappy for anyone who actually needs allergy medicine to function and I’ve been laying off it because … wind, pollen, eye: direct route to misery, at the moment.

You tell yourself that you’re just going to treat yourself, at least this once and then what? Hours spent inching closer to your goals, only to see them slip away at the last moment on a fluke. At least I’ve unburdened myself of scaling the model to fit the situation and it doesn’t seem completely outrageous. I’ve been fretting about that for a while and that hasn’t been helpful for much of anything; I end up worrying about things I can’t control instead of actually doing something about it to make sense out of the world. I did spend half a day sulking that I’d really messed things up and just didn’t want to deal with it, but learned my error (when you build a look-up table, make sure you put the right entries in) after a while.

On the other hand, I’ve learned quite a bit over the last week, and stayed pretty busy, and look like I’ve had a lot of involvement in a lot of things, so I don’t think I’m going to be fired anytime soon. The paycheck this week should reflect a raise. We’re getting our taxes paid off, and I’ve managed to figure out the Byzantine arrangements of my parents’ financial situation enough to more or less document what their taxes are for last year (every time I think I’m doing relatively well, I then look at my parents and berate myself for not investing more wisely instead of in durable, depreciating goods like the stupid materialist that I am). So changes are afoot, and we are ready for the next, aren’t we?



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