Dear J—

We’ve been having a light load of people over the last week; even the Stanford guys aren’t showing up as reliably. Perhaps it’s the Spring Break effect, when folks are out on vacation with kids to places that … sigh. Hawaii. The thought that San Francisco is the coldest major city in the United States during the summer months weighs a bit on my head, or maybe that’s just the cold talking, telling me what I do is no concern of yours. We have a “cold front” moving in, which amounts to nothing more than a few degrees colder than usual, perhaps (although with the cloud cover like it has been, shouldn’t it be about ten degrees F warmer?) but compared with weather other places, it’s still easy living as far as you can tell.

Let us this day our daily meals be given as knowledge and progress; let us learn willingly and avidly, let us listen openly, let us accept criticism with an honest approach and an eye to improve. Let us dine on accumulated wisdom and build upon it to make sense of our every actions, let the enlightenment bring us comfort and guide our steps towards accepting who we are and how we approach things.

If I’m not – or, for that matter, if I am willing to change then it’s because I know I should be doing better, or more, or … yeah. That’s the way we can bring our lives in line, in shape and in truth. If you have envy then perhaps it’s a question of reshuffling your priorities and making things fit rather than putting them up in boxes once their utility becomes more questionable.



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