Quiet Rain

Dear J-

I suppose the rain doesn’t mean, necessarily, that it’s fer sure going to be quiet this afternoon, but usually that’s how it works: I, too was scared off by a little rain now and again last year and didn’t ride my bike, instead choosing to walk and umbrella it. Today’s rain is a cool one, accompanied by gusting winds and no matter what means you choose, you’ll be getting wet sooner or later. On the bike I’ve switched to wearing wool and must self-congratulatorily pat myself on the back again for that choice: mostly dry, aside from the cuffs, and still warm. Wool is wonderful. Wool is also itchy, so make of that what you will.

So far it’s proven to be pretty quiet, with only the more dedicated riders on the car so far. If this is what the afternoon has in store then we’re in good shape to be quiet again. Where’s my Supertramp? It’s raining again, guys.

You teach yourself history by finding primary sources and documents, but that can be a dry sort of statistics, of dates and events without meaning; I’ve learned the real meat of history is in succeeding motivations. Not just what happened, but also why and how; those are the sorts of nuances that appeal to an engineer’s mind, I suppose, and it can’t be helped that it’s what sticks in my head. There’s something in everyone’s personal history associating rain with something unpleasant but since that day in Joe Albi I haven’t minded it much, though it’s usually easier to brush a little snow off your coat than the rain.

I wonder at times what sort of investments I should be making for a rainy day, as they say, or for the future, which is frightening in and of itself. What happens when … x? or if … y? Planning for the future is one of those things that can be monstrous and unforgiving; what if you make an error with that? How about one extra miscalculation? When does it all end? Why should it? I suppose it all depends on what goals you have and what lifestyle you choose to lead. There’s a ton of stuff in the world and no one’s saying you have to own it all, all the time. On the other hand the thought of never again … or losing independence … maybe that’s the true power of rain.



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