Small Steps

Dear J-

We took a short trip to the city yesterday, riding the train in and walking from the mall where we’d eaten lunch; you spend a small amount of time out of town and it’s enough, I think, to get you thinking of other ideas and places you might go, between the thousand thundering feet and your own horns tooting that sure, here we’re going and you will be amused.

There was also quite a bit of napping this weekend, which helped; as long as we take for sleep it never seems quite enough, or perhaps there are years of deprivation to catch up on. We tend towards some laziness as we progress through the days, and it seems easier than driving somewhere and surrendering to complaints as we hike around, but in the end, who does that hurt? Yeah. Get over it.

The boy got smiled at by two different women on BART so perhaps he hasn’t lost his essential charm, though I wonder when or if they’ll ever get to the point of shy introspection , though I’m sure it’s probably inevitable as long as we keep telling him to use his inside voice.



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