Find Your Center

Dear J-

We’re having a quiet Monday so far (I just got on and we’re going slow as we head into San Mateo — the work on the four bridges means they’re reducing speed; I’ll have to take a picture of the new retaining wall on the southwest side of Tilton and Railroad) and the cab’s arranged backwards today, which is a detail I never thought I would have noticed even as short as a year ago while I was riding the train but there you have it. The project keeps dragging on as we keep tweaking the report back and forth, here and there but ultimately as we insist the customer or client is right, aren’t they?

Yes I’m sorry but … yes. As infuriating as it gets, you get over it and keep a cool demeanor; it’s not worth crying or puling about; just get it done and get it done quickly. I’m not the boss of that so get over your ego and remember all the other things you are in control of, chief amongst which are your reactions. Write the letter you want first. Then erase it and write the letter you need to. Follow your own advice and stay sane; this isn’t worth getting worked up over: there will be a thousand other such things if you’re lucky and one demanding client does not a career break or make.

Cheer up. Say you to the horse: why the long face? Things that aren’t worth it: this. Lately it feels like everything you do lately is work; where else do you have to find before you’re happy with it?



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