Double Acting

Dear J-

So staying up late has two results: I’m tired the next day and I get up later, for one. I’m also significantly less patient and that’s the key; some things seem unforgivable when you’re short on sleep, lots of things that are otherwise mundane or simple to work through, so don’t even bother making any critical decisions while you’re short on sleep, let alone pass judgment on others as you work on getting over your own bad self. So there’s that immediately-unfair supposition you’re already laboring under this morning; let’s not be too judgy today.

I must have had my fists clenched last night for my grip to be this weak and tired this morning. Perhaps it was everything else, though: between watching a movie I only half-understood (thanks to YouTube) and … well, let’s just say there should have been more sleep last night. Either I fall asleep on the couch after dinner or go to bed earlier tonight; which would work better for me?

I have enough to do today; don’t go looking for any trouble.



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