Head Down, Eyes Up

Dear J-

Reduce your aggravation level but not being frustrated about changes that don’t change; people are always going to be riding their bikes on the platform and it’s not your job to police that. Or how about the folks who will zoom around in traffic with nary a care in the world? Just stay out of the way and keep your head down. You become angry over things because you’ve learned, at some point, that it’s okay to be that way or that it’s acceptable or even admirable and really, these are little things that aren’t worthy of your time. Let them ride, so long as they aren’t hurting anyone. There are bigger things in the world to worry about. Next year the parade of sins will only become bigger, and you’re supposed to be chill about them.

Let the thunder roll. We’ve got bigger fish, all day everyday. If you’ve got the tension, we’ve got the mission. There’s a lot of technical detail missing from many Wikipedia articles and it feels like I’m on a mission to fix it although I’m sure there’s no doubt I should be doing something much more important like work or sleep. I feel like this weekend, having prioritized sleep over other activities (far-late nights of editing or working on work) has paid off dividends in my mental well-being and demeanor, as though being quick to anger isn’t a plus in any measurement. So sure, there’s plenty left over to be fretful over and tackle, but there’s also no huge rush to take care of them.

There’s plenty of reason to be rolling your own maps but perhaps the most fascinating one is in trying to understand the world better; I started off doing so in order to better illustrate an article but now I’m endlessly thrilled by the idea of rolling my own route and negotiating the terrain vicariously through traces on the way. Since I’ve learned about smartphones that has been my killer application: the very thought of keeping up via a little screen that shows you where you are and how to get there has seemed sufficiently like magic to be a miracle.



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