Bottle Brush

Dear J-

Well, I’m feeling rather unsubstantial today. There’s a lot going on in the City this weekend but I wonder what the convenience factor of it is and why am I already thinking about the weekend this early in the week, anyhow? There’s much to be fought and lost between now and then and I hope to keep fighting it as we go on. No, I’m going to be done with the report today, then we move on to tackle the quality control issues that are so very thrilling and then … you know, I didn’t think I’d be doing quality again but these things follow you no matter where you go, apparently.

The world is small: you can be around the world in a matter of days from where you are now, assuming you have the patience and the money for it. The world is also small the more specialized you get; I see the same colleagues at different meetings throughout the year, which is fascinating and frightening as we keep trying to change what we’re known for but perhaps this is what we’re supposed to be doing all along, right? If it keeps following you then maybe it’s meant to be. It’s easier to give in to fate than to think about how to change, but we should keep fighting these fights as long as we can.

I think about how we changed our lives within six months which happened now almost eighteen months ago, and what we’ve done with the next six and the six after that, falling into old habits and patterns and never forgetting — or make that always forgetting — what we learned before. The town where I grew up in paved one of the streets running in front of the house (we were on a corner) with tar and gravel one year, I think to maintain traction (it was on a hill) and as a cheap way of repaving a potentially high-wear street. Things can change overnight; there is a right way and a wrong way to do it, though and the trick is knowing — or measuring how to figure it out.



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