Sleep Deficit

Dear J-

Well, I’m starting this week down on sleep, which is no place to be for someone who’s supposed to churn out a whole report this week with some semblance of dignity. There’s also a presentation to give, I think, and lots of other factors to weigh while we’re heading towards completion of various projects and then … what else? One more month until opening day. There seems to have been a steady stream of work up until there wasn’t, and how do you keep yourself busy after that? We have plenty left over to consider.

I wonder if it would have been better — wiser, that is — to celebrate in less flashy ways but this is life and this is the pace: we have a lot of different family holidays and celebrations coming up, things to do and see as well as the joy of … this is what lack of sleep will do for me. Malformed thoughts and half-turned phrases (not frases, thank you) stalk my mind and leap onto the keys before I have a chance to edit them out. It’s all words, and individually they may make sense; it’s when you put them all together like this that they don’t have a chance.

I thought I remembered there was a mockup cockpit of the Space Shuttle at Lawrence Hall of Sciences, but perhaps that’s been moved in the twenty-plus years since I last went there (possibly 1989, though I honestly don’t remember the exact year). This is what memories can do for you and I wonder how easy it would be to implant false ones, or ones that we need to moderate before we’re all fully formed in mind and body.



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