Catch’s Up

Dear J-

I’m in the ever-evolving process of catching up with things; I’ve finally uploaded pictures from December and I’m ready to turn my attentions to January, though I’ve been lazier there than I care to admit. There’s still plenty of work at work, so I’ll stay busy with that, as well. I’ll catch up. There’s the personal ledger I need to settle and balance and weep over as we contemplate the tax burden that stretches before us, too; we’ve got a while left before we can think about paying a lot of these things back, I suspect, what between all the other large expenses that show up this time of year (property taxes!) like unwelcome guests.

I joke about unwelcome guests because our house is almost purposefully designed to be as unwelcoming to guests as can be, it feels like. Between the small size and single bathroom it’s almost as if it’s set up to discourage long-term stays, but there is the extra bedroom I should be cleaning out and making whole … any day now, guy. Any day. Instead of acquiring interesting electronics to decorate the garage with, let’s find a way to cut down and cut back; how do you ensure that, how does that happen?

Catching up with everything; there’s a thousand ways to do it but only a few correct ones; the longer you stretch it out the more disreputable you become. It’s a burden of … well, being responsible, I guess. You are a responsible adult, aren’t you? I like to think so, or at least I like to believe so, so it’s time to start acting like one too.



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