Getting Done

Dear J-

There’s what feels like miles left to go and I’m still exhausted by all of this: so much going on, catching up on photos, getting ready to submit the final report. I’m ready to nap, I think, and I only just got up, more’s the pity. The bike car has been considerably more popular lately, though, and that’s a positive development I think. Even if it means there’s less convenience for me, there’s always a spot open when I get on, so life is good, I can’t complain. We have our meeting today; again, life is good: I’m happy to be done with that sort of thing after it’s been hanging over my head, just out of reach (the day of, we always seem to be scrambling to see what times are available) for the last two weeks; let’s squash this thing and move on with our lives.

Let’s be done and move on; that feels like my motto lately but there’s still a thousand other things to do as well, I think. Or maybe not. They have me worried about billability, how if the average billing around the office is this high and I’m this low, that tends to prioritize people and categorize them into stereotypes. It’s a visible parameter, too, so heaven help you if it keeps falling too low. On the other hand there are so many things to be done around the office you don’t even know how often or how many times you have an opportunity to break for a little bit and regroup. It’s made it hard to concentrate on any one thing but it’s a price you’ve gotta pay at times, i suppose.

It feels like a perfect confluence of events I suppose; there’s people riding today that I didn’t know were going to be riding — occasional riders, if you will, folks that aren’t here every time, but familiar faces at least — and things are getting done today. Finally. Let’s saddle up and ride it out.



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