Pumped Up

Dear J-

Man, I’m getting nothing done this week. It’s an aggressive way to be and to declare it so early but there you have it. You begin to believe that you can do anything when you’re young and then you’re stuck looking at refried plates of the same hash you’ve been slinging for the last few years and my word, where did the time go while you had your head down? There is a lot (a lot) of things to consider but one of the first ones should be this: where are you going with this? Do you have a greater point? What did you want to describe here? There are a thousand lives coursing around the city at any given moment and if you’re not out to touch them then maybe this is the wrong game.

I should explain. Or at least I should make sense. There are lots of people that you can make connections with throughout the course of your day, but if you choose to be obtuse or using (what can you do for me; oh, perhaps you’re just a convenient place where I can plug a TV in and watch?) the chances are likely any such connection will be shallow and lacking in merit. There’s an awkward silence and then what? There are no advanced degrees required here: you’re going to be alone. Alone can be nice, but it doesn’t pay the bills or feed the needs.

At the moment I’m wrestling with taxes and wondering what constitutes a legitimate business expense, although I suppose we have TurboTax to query for that. We’re down a little bit but I haven’t put in any deductions yet; it feels like cheating some times (hey, I earned that money and it’s mine, right?) but as a user of governmental services and infrastructure, it’s my part, right? Your right, your privilege, your decree, thy will be done on earth and so on. I’ve also got some minor headaches developing already.



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