Social Collisions

Dear J-

Perhaps it’s unusual but it feels like my social network keeps colliding and spinning off into infinity every so often: your daily activities bring you in close contact with some and then you separate because of circumstance or schedule; that’s what happens given all the other thousands of contacts you may make in a day. These are powerful forces, and you may feel lazy enough to try to resist them but it’s a considerable effort and the game always seems to end up winning despite your efforts, well-intentioned or not.

I’m now roughly two months behind on my pictures; there’s only a few weeks left in February and the other job would be to finish our taxes for the year; with theVet shifting to a self-employed (more or less) nature last year, I’m not sure how to count it up. Net? Gross? How do you figure for expenses? What about the cut off the top the national service gets? Credit card fees? All these are pretty decent chunks of money and it doesn’t seem right to go after the total gross, but then again we haven’t paid, well, much of anything on that all year so that’s fair too.

We have a rough stretch of weeks ahead in the short stretch between here and there: the thousands of hours of TV and other please-busy-yourselves activities are adding up rapidly while we do not seem to be perturbed by the actions singly, they are starting to show: the yelling, the screaming; we have a thousand other ways to express ourselves but that’s how we’ve chosen to be, apparently. We learn from our parents and I wonder if I’m suited some times between the impatience and the lies, the dreams deferred and people ignored.



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