New Shuffle

Dear J-

Well, it’s Friday, I’m exhausted, and maybe there’s nothing left to say. Apparently my theme this week has been barge cranes, so I’ve been staring at them for the … well, everything, I suppose. Left Coast Lifter. Weeks 533. What’s next? Wotan, perhaps? How about DB General? Lord knows the last thing anyone needs is more vaguely-sourced pictures from who-knows-where, but there is some joy in knowing these archives won’t be easily lost. So, let’s see: do you feel lucky? Well? Do you? Because there’s still a ton of work to do and not much time to be doing it, at least not lately.

Today I get the rest of the cost analysis done; I can figure out how to do this, can’t I? Sure I can. The time keeps ticking away for train NB101: every time I pass a station I see there’s an update on how late it is, now 18 minutes and counting. It’s like that at work: you get in, get settled, and the next thing you know it’s 8AM and everyone else is flooding in, interrupting whatever quiet time you were conducting. What you need is a way to be … yeah, I dunno. Three day weekend’s coming up. Let’s remember that. Three day weekend and that means lots of time to be working on whatever it is if you need it but let’s try to get it all done today, all right?

I understand why Oakland is the shipping port around here: better land-based connections than having to unload it onto the wharves and docks of San Francisco, then taking a circuitous train route down to San Jose; plus you probably wouldn’t want to expose those folks in skinny jeans to the dockside elements (this makes me think of Ryo Hazuki of Shenmue and his quest for the sailors of Yokuosuka: the people who delight in this are the same folks who titter politely at those borderline homophobic jokes, I’ve found) nowadays, but that’s part of the character of the town. Everyone’s egalitarian on the streets, but in your backyard?



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