Quality Job

Dear J-

It feels like a long way between, and you don’t realize what the distances are until you’ve biked them. I think that’s roughly my limit of mental mapping speed; if I’ve ridden there on a bike I’d be able to tell you how far it is. How far? This far and no further. Yes. How much further is it to be done with this report? With that job? What’s coming in that’s new and how much further do we need to go with it? I haven’t covered that distance by bicycle speed or slower — we’re getting there but not yet, not by far and not by much. You can keep running along the way; we’ll get there together, sooner or later. I’ve been secretly thrilled with the collegial atmosphere for months now, dazzled by the prospect of independent development but some days it’s easier to go with what you know.

There’s a lovely exhaustion as the week grinds down; we need to remind ourselves where we’re headed and how to get there before we make up our minds on … I’m rambling, and repeating myself; I think this comes from the lack of sleep and general crud going around, this time of year, winter doldrums and all. I at times feel like saying I can’t wait to get home so I can ignore everyone but that’s what I’ve been doing, so why and how and now, right? There are a lot of opportunities to change your game — slow your roll, pool your resources, drive on out of all the thousands of minutes in every week. I know, it doesn’t make sense either.

It feels like it’s been a while since: since we had the chance to talk, since we need to talk, since we saw the flashing lights and the harbor in the distance, blinking its last faithful hellos or goodbyes, rushing by at the speed of feet. If you are, then why are you? I need to wake up before work; this is not the way I’m doing it, though.



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