Men-late Park

Dear J-

So yesterday what I was writing was all wrapped up by Menlo Park, which is slightly unusual (I try to be done by Redwood City, but I was running late apparently) but then we held at Menlo for a few minutes, unexplained. I got after a while and decided to ride my bike down; I heard the train start up behind me but by then I was already on my way out to the Bay Trail and Stevens Creek Trail. The ride was beautiful and relaxing (to the point of exhaustion, I guess) and I got to see a lot of interesting things — mist rising out of the wetlands and mulch, a nursery, the levees and routes looping around into infinity, or fourteen miles, whichever is shorter.

Today we found out what happened; apparently there was a more determined fare evader than I was last April: instead of sheepishly accepting a ticket, he hid in bathrooms and moved around cars until they cornered him in the northernmost bike car; when presented with a citation to sign, he scribbled obscenities on it and threw it and the ticket back at the conductor.

Yesterday was Tuesday, right? Tuesday’s when what I consider the relief crew to be on SB102.

The conductor said something officious like “Hey, that’s a government document: you have to treat it with respect!” which made the guy even more furioso; it ended with blows being exchanged and that delay at Menlo while they were de-training him. Now that I think about it, I remember him from when he was on our car; he refused the ticket, saying that he was getting off at that stop anyway. Why you’d chance it and come back on is beyond me but perhaps there was an appointment to keep, or the dedication to fare evasion; it’s not my place to crawl into his head but I’m sure there’s blame to apportion on both sides of the argument.

… and now it’s Menlo Park. Again.



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