Tri Ply

Dear J-

As I get older I learn that I can sure, stay up as long as you want for as long as you want, but you’re going to pay for it in the morning. Ugh. Double ugh. Plus it’s not even like I was doing that much work last night, instead learning about DB General, a barge-crane on the order of Marine Boss/ and with a possibly fascinating back history (was it a rail-mounted gantry crane named “Big Wolf” in Scotland at Highland Fabricators’ Nigg Yard? It very well may be true). There’s a lot of cranes that claim to be the largest on the coast but DB General appears to be usefully larger than Weeks 533, albeit with the same capacities.

Drama will drive you nuts if you let it; on the one hand you could be succumbing to it if you do nothing more than forget your roots and how much further you have left to go. On the other, there’s lots of un-relaxing ideas for vacation and travel like having to not ignore the kids all night as you usually do, passing along a legacy of uninteractivity. You call it being mellow; I think about it in terms of what they remember and how they deal with it later: is this another one of my bad habits that I really want to pass down? If getting through the night is a matter of, well, getting through the night, then maybe that’s already taking the wrong approach to it, isn’t it?

if you’re willing to learn about and write articles on nothing at all, then you’ve got to be willing to put more time in: you knew your time wasn’t necessarily going to be your own when you signed up for this, didn’t you? There’s a long night ahead and this is the last short day, so let’s make the most of what time we have together (we go together like rama lama lama lama …) instead of all occupying ourselves with our own separate screens, choosing to be apart when we’re not. You can drive yourself nuts with the drama and guilt, like I was saying.



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