Dear J-

Every time I hear you can’t or you shouldn’t or you wouldn’t I turn around and look the other way, which is bound to get me in trouble sooner or later, I suspect. Probably sooner. Why wouldn’t you have looked up the old parameters before deciding to run the model one way or another? Isn’t the whole point to be consistent? Plus when you had the opportunity to do it exactly the same, why didn’t you take it and run with it? Smart, right? I know; the fact that we’re so close on many of these numbers means that we’re not too badly off, I think, or that the model is robust enough to be able to withstand my ham-handed fumbling. What about … this? And this too?

There’s more to be experienced, I’m sure, but while you think of it as sloppy I like to think of it as testing; does the software work as intended, and what are some reasonable estimates to put together? That’s right, that’s right: it’s the QA in me talking some more stuff about how I’m making the product better for everyone, but really all I suspect I’m doing is something wrong for undocumented software and how a learning experience it is. I’m not terribly comfortable with my role and my title, anyway; better this than something else, though: who would want to know that you’re learning on the job when you’ve been working this long?

In a way that’s part of the allure of a steady career: this is what I do, this is what I’ve always done, and there’s little opportunity to learn new things, whether it be processes or administrative details like signing up for a new account with a different service provider or even what you do; would I have thought that most of my time would be taken up by these chances to learn and time spent drafting responses for clients? Oh, right; client orientation: I’d forgotten the luxury of being the client and only interested in due dates rather than putting together some useful information and analysis. Hey, where are you going?



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