Dear J-

There’s a lot to be said; the reports I’ve been working on, perhaps, or the side projects and all the other efforts of the last week, maybe. On the other hand working and keeping mum about work has now become second nature (besides which I’m pretty sure it would be incredibly boring to you, as it is both arcane and technical) so that’s out. I do now have a new abandoned place I should go visit: Werder Pier, which is out by the bridge and in fact is the old (1929-era) bridge across the Bay. There’s some sources I need to dig up about the old bridge but those can wait for work, that is, after work.

It’s funny that I’m able to find and find interesting the work of sifting through history, though I suppose there’s something to be said for not forgetting your past: we get to correct dates and cite sources, and that’s intriguing. Plus I get to give back: I would use Wikipedia as a research tool to find out more about some strange artifact I’d unearth at the thrift store (try it: Google might as well be called googlepedia; if there’s an article on the subject then it’s almost always on the first search page), so now it’s my turn to increase knowledge. That feels good, besides; you do your best to be helpful and that’s all anyone can ask.

At the end of it you’re stuck waiting for someone else, whether it’s for data or sources or resources, or it’s them waiting for you; what would you want them to remember about you? I’ve been thinking somewhat morbidly about mortality and the fleeting nature of fame; the people that you heard about ten years ago are replaced with another endless array of stars who will be just as forgotten ten years on; the waves of fame, the ramparts you scale, only to find there’s something precarious or just another endless wall to be climbed over further and anon?



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