Everything that Can

Dear J-

You wonder about these things some times; yesterday I told you I went to bed late but I didn’t continue with all the things that could and did go wrong. I forgot to set the trash cans out, so on top of already running late I had to take care of those; then there was me knocking the quick-release off my front fender, so more precious seconds gone. When I bent over to fix that, my phone dropped out of my pocket and I consider myself relatively lucky to have noticed that, the way things were going yesterday. I encountered more traffic than usual too; that was nerve-wracking on top of everything else, and I ended up packing it in and riding over to San Mateo station instead of Burlingame.

I should have remembered the lesson of Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse: today was a difficult day; tomorrow will be better. Everything that could go wrong went that way, and I’ve got nothing to blame except the burning need to edit pages on Wikipedia.

I’m slowly learning to use vector graphics, but if I can’t get it done in a few hours then I seem to forget what I was doing and start to lose steam. Good illustration doesn’t happen overnight, though, so let’s be patient and chase down the details as you should. If you’re not in the right frame of mind then it becomes difficult to get even the simplest tasks done, and staying up late isn’t helping anyone.

There’s actually a lot of things I have to consider as we pass through this morning into the day; should we … ? How about … ? Those abbreviated, stubby thoughts are all that’s left after the long night spent chasing down pixels and picking the right response to various programs: here’s what you do for that, now let’s move on in this continuous battle of rock-paper-scissors. We’re often too tired to move at night, after the kids are in bed and we’re getting the rest of everything done (read that as theVet preparing their lunches and getting ready for tomorrow and tomorrow and all the tomorrows after that).



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