Second Day

Dear J-

It feels like things are moving in slow motion today; the heat has yet to penetrate any joints and I’ve got lots of stuff to worry about today because that’s the way I’ve left it from yesterday: a hash of hacking away at a fresh set of topics, stuff left half-done in a voracious attempt to eat everything before it got spat back out (for example: how about trying to figure out when to add an infobox, or which one is right, and then tracking down all the different dates and information required). A thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters could not make this any more difficult, or baroque, or impossible to navigate, but that’s the way that Wikipedia markup works, and I’m not proud to say that it’s sort of fun to repurpose and abuse.

What I probably need to do is kick some of these things off my phone to free up space; as it is there’s something decidedly odd about starting your day in the email drafts and then moving on to work and going through the morning rituals of whipping something together into shape and on time. There’s lots of different avenues to explore at work, and some creativity is required for proper visualization, right? What dollars have I got? What data do I need? This was a bad choice, leaving all this until today. I’m not convinced that I’m going to get it all done, but that’s what tomorrow is — uh, oops. Brilliant. It feels like some sort of self-destructive sabotage but in reality it’s just me being foolish again.

If you know something then you should try it; if you have an idea, you should develop it. I know I have a lot to think about but there’s also quite a bit of what-if and forecasting stuff I could be doing as well. We could try to duplicate observed phenomena until the cows come home; if these things are truly random then there’s no question a probabilistic approach is the appropriate one to take. i wonder if there was some way to spring this on the poor unsuspecting undergraduates at Berkeley; could I prevail on alumni connections to bring it around?



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