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Dear J-

Well, that’s interesting; I have to try out the alternative route in order to try and get a post in today, so I’m not even sure if this will work. On the other hand, I used to write entries on a folding keyboard and a Treo with no service, so this isn’t the worst thing ever. (ah, the Treo 650, which came with Bluetooth and no wi-fi; the workflow was to type in a new memo, then sync with a desktop and copy-and-paste the entry in on a web browser; things got slightly better with the Nokia 800, where I could at least connect where I could hop on a wi-fi network, and there was a dedicated application for connecting with WordPress, but since the advent of the phone this has been no-contest easiest of all. Until now.) Long prefatory ramble over.

It is fairly chilly outside, chillier than I remember for sure but still, c’mon, California, right? I don’t mind the cold; there are plenty of clothes to throw on, and I have yet to break out pants for the ride this season (besides which I’m learning how hard bike seats are on clothes; in the last two months I’ve rendered three pairs of shorts unusable with massive rips in the seat. I’m not ready to kill off my pants yet.). Still, though, there are lots of toys that could be had along with the cold, wool helmet liners and toasty gloves come to mind, unbidden.

I’m still amazed by the bikes I see on Caltrain sometimes, although perhaps they were as cheap as mine were, secondhand. I suppose that if it’s meant to be a a replacement for your car then heck yeah, why not spend a little more? Me, I’m still jonesing for a Big Dummy or a Mundo for kid-hauling duties, so perhaps I’ll keep an eye out for a used one nearby; some kids must have graduated from the experience by now, right? Who wouldn’t like something like that? I suppose there’s nothing more than to have hopes, but there’s plenty more that I shouldn’t afford, perhaps.



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