Dear J-

There are a lot of things I thought — read that as “assumed” — before I started writing a blog in 2004. First, that it might not turn into a semi-daily journal, though I think the daily grind of writing something is beneficial to me. Second, that blogs would continue in popularity; I’d found high school friends writing blogs as a by-the-way-howdy and isn’t that remarkable, too? Just over ten years on they’re going the way of the dinosaur in this electron-accelerated lifespan of technology. Last, that I might have had some time over this vacation to bang out an entry or two but there you have it: thousands of years of evolution resulting in someone too lazy to bring an extra keyboard along or crack the laptop once.

Or something like that. I’ll plead innocent and say that we were having too much fun, but I’ll point out we brought along Game Boys (precisely: AGB-101, backlit Advance SPs) for the kids and in showing the boy how to play Pokémon LeafGreen, picked it up for myself and then … that was it. Thirty hours in and I’m starting to shout out evolutions. Doesn’t BELLSPROUT turn into VICTREEBELL? In keeping with the theme, I’ve contributed to the Wikipedia entry using the various markup tools. Whether or not it remains today has yet to be seen. Then I’ll have to look at more entries I’d like to edit and then …

I’ll get work done today, I’m sure. It may be slow and steady but it won’t be too difficult, I suspect.



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