Curated Existence

Dear J-

So apparently anything worth doing well is worth doing a lot of; I got caught up and finished writing a completely new article on Kuanchung Kao yesterday. Brilliant. Now we descend the slippery slope and hope it’s for the best, since that’s what we do in the quiet echo between my ears. One of my coworkers said he’s never worked between the holidays in thirty years and I’m starting to realize how … different? strange? unyielding? the schedule at the plant was. Of course, they’d tell you that it was weird the first time I showed up at work that early and claimed it was from working at a utility. You change your life, and you’re better for it, too.

At least now my idle time on the Internet isn’t spent in idle consumption, though it seems like when I get home the only thing I do is sit down on the iPad and zone out for a few hours. Huh? What happened? We are busy, distracted people, and there’s no apologies for it, just wonderment at the way of the world: trains pulling up to empty platforms and our schedules moving right alongside. It’s time to hop off and take some down time, though I’m sure I’ll be begging for multiple hours on end back at work where it’s quiet and I have only my research skills and reading comprehension to keep me company. It’s a strange feeling at times.

Someone once asked me, several years ago, what I would like to do if I had carte blanche and didn’t have to worry about money; I replied that I’d like to be a curator with a vague description: I’d always liked going to thrift stores, encountering something strange, and later identifying what it was, and how useful it might be. That’s more or less what I’m doing on Wikipedia; my edit trail is littered with adding references and expanding articles; as the sum knowledge of human endeavors keeps getting added (I’ve found a friend in Google Books, after all) our understanding through references and sources changes, and I’m there with curly-brace {{cite}} templates in hand.



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