cold Philosophy

Dear J-

I thought about it and realized that it’s Tuesday, which means what I’ve pictured as the relief crew is working the train. In reality I’m sure the regular crew is just taking a different shift and sleeping in a bit today (maybe all day?) and that they’re all competent and able but the reality is they’re not all the same. That’s real. I got my fare evasion ticket on a Tuesday, let’s mention, and by glory they were right to give it to me: I hadn’t tagged on for the month, but I also wasn’t trying to avoid paying fare, either. The day I had to spend in court, that’s real too. Actions and consequences; reality takes a break from actuality some times.

The cold this morning, that was real too; not quite the biting cold of a clear sky but more of a damp, heavy cold echoed in wet pavement and puddly places. So once you got used to it it turned warm instead, legs pumping and blood flowing; riding a bike is better for me than coffee, at least so far. I’ll get in and look forward to fixing a nice mug of tea, though; there’s something to be said for warm drinks and cool mornings. I end up clutching my hands and wringing them not with worry but in order to keep them warm and limber; never let it be said that piano wasn’t an influence in how I behave.

So. Tuesday. Does the per-cent chance of rain mean it will rain at some time today, and have we already reached that milestone overnight? I think maybe not; there’s quite a few more hours later tonight so you do what you can; the best part of the rain is coming back inside and getting dry, whether that means a towel or dry clothes or a hot beverage or something else. It’s not quite like snow — the contrast between blasting heat inside and frigid cold outside means you wear a heavy jacket to be shed, not layers of infinitely adjustable clothing, as I found out on my trips to Chalk River. Weather has its own philosophical bent.



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