Short Program

Dear J-

It was one of those nights; I suppose I sleep so well because I’m exhausted, but all I did last night was read and read and read some more, finally falling asleep at some point between boredom and darkness as the small hours crept by. I had thoughts in my head for today, too, but they didn’t make it past those guards of sleep, silent Thanatos warning and informing simultaneously of a good rest. We silently notice the outrages perpetrated on our different fellows but fail to make a move to fix them, believing in the good luck of fellow intervenors and never failing to be disappointed in our inaction instead. We have a thousand miles left to be run, one thousand miles already and a thousand miles ahead.

Keep on moving ahead and you’ll get there before you know it. We had a new way of getting to San Jose (straight down 101 because I was talking and missed a turn) on Saturday and we’ll keep on finding new ways around (what’s next, down the old stage routes or El Camino?) here as we move on. Things will change before you realize; when did our babies become kids? We mark off the years with parties, punctuated by the happy staples of pizza and cake (who can turn those down?) and life keeps whirling by, fast as the wind and just as invisible, if you let it be.

Spend all your days lamenting what’s gone before, though, and that’s dangerous too. Or you should keep your head on a swivel, for sure, and stop admiring your passes, which is a nice way of saying don’t dwell on success or failure: extract the lessons needed and stop brooding about it. It’s quite amazingly deep, as deep as you want it and definitely deeper than you can handle, if you fail to respect it. What’s next? Where are we going? Don’t look now, but the ground is moving behind you, onward, forward, ever lasting on.



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