Staccato Rain

Dear J-

It’s supposed to rain through Saturday, the next four days, so I should be getting used to growing moss if I’m not already. That’s the way it goes around here. I hope it keeps going; we are in a drought and we could definitely use the rain. Plus ever since that Saturday the rain on my head hasn’t been quite so big a deal.

We were in marching band that year and had a competition at Joe Albi in the steady rain: it just kept coming down … down … down. Uniforms is part of it and so we couldn’t cover up (did we have plastic ponchos? I can’t remember any more. After a while you get wet enough and it doesn’t matter how much more comes down; you can squeeze out your pants briefly but you’re working uphill instead. I came out with the brilliant idea to swipe off our feathers (we had black cowboy hats with red feathers because it’s marching band) with my white gloves which only made my hands pink for the rest of the afternoon.

As tough as that was the relief of re-entering a dry place (the bus) was magnified a thousandfold by virtue of returning from the rain. You feel emboldened by your actions; you’ve taken the forces of nature — the very forces of nature — and it’s as bad as it gets here — without flinching. Good on you.

I must be more tired than I thought; my thoughts are disjoint and indistinct. let’s think about bike rain gear instead; what will you need, what works and what helps? I see the folks with helmet covers and that seems smart; I’m a little less convinced of the jackets though something waterproof would no doubt be appreciated. Rain: another reason to acquire stuff, right?



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