Inescabale Velocity

Dear J-

The rough edge of it tells me I need to stop or at least give my lungs a break; I have what feels like a thousand frogs in my throat in a fairly gentle configuration — not coughing or sneezing, just rough and dry; perhaps that’s what is meant by losing your voice for a couple of days (each year that interval seems to get longer) and getting it back, having finally flushed out the elusive bits of phlegm floating around. I still need to … what? Gain fame and recognition? Or at least just finish what I’ve started, namely the work at work that pays the bills. Let’s let that fester a while.

theVet has been inordinately busy this week and last and the whole two months prior; in the month of November she had twenty-four housecalls, missed two movies (The Book of Life and Big Hero 6) on last minute call-outs, and stayed up late preparing her bag for the next visit. We have a freezer in the garage for temporary storage and the folks in Colma (not just for dead people!) usually come by the next day when possible — they’re closed Sundays and we’ve only run into issues with overfull storage once in the six months she’s been running her business. I’ve chatted with the guy and helped him haul some of the larger animals out: he’s been doing this a few years and he noted this time of year is always busy.

The year I turned seven was the year my parents bought the store as part of their plan to assist my immigrant uncle and aunt; my mom went to work half an hour away in Spokane as the manager of the store, working on inventory and running accounting at night and I’d see her at dinner and breakfast for the next ten years, only until I was well out of college and she was still working at Costco now. Most modern families have two working parents, right? Is that the way of it now? We had three years in San Diego with only occasional fill-in work for theVet, years where she could volunteer at school regularly and meet up as part of the community and now that’s over, let’s find a new way to work and here it is, we’re ready.

I wonder how it’ll affect our relationships with the children, how we can manage their welfare and subsume our own needs or at least channel them into something constructive and so yes, I realize it’s part of our heritage and destiny.



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