Dear J-

Well, all this could have been avoided had I decided to talk first. Let me go in reverse for a minute. I had — I have a few reports to turn in by this … uh, tomorrow, and I’ve been sitting on them for approximately two weeks, maybe. Editing, cleaning up, modifying, making updates … then turning it back out for the world to see. It’s frightening, and I’m not always sure that I’m approaching this in the right way, but it’s better to know it early — hence asking early and often, despite what may be my instinctual avoidance of annoying others [that’s the ‘please like me, please’ part of me talking] by not bugging anyone.

We have to ask once in a while, and if we do we’re going to learn what we need to know. There is no shame in not knowing. Acknowledge you don’t know and work to rectify that accordingly. We have a lot to offer in terms of the work we produce and the best way to work efficiently is to know what the goal is. Ask. Ask. Ask again. I’ve been having a tough time trying to read people’s minds, but in the end there’s only one way to really know what’s needed. Clarify the vague mission goals and statements before you jump to conclusions, save yourself the extra work of having to redo the analyses (like I do!) by trying to figure out what’s what first.

We have a pretty spectacular time regardless. It’s been busy at work and home, and the first thing I seem to want to do in the evenings is put my feet up and sleep. We’ll live, but perhaps I should be grinding down towards happiness and finishing up the reports now. Perhaps.



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