Brains Torn

Dear J-

Moderately, perhaps; moderately more competent today than yesterday. I’m not sure yet. I sometimes think the more important thing I did yesterday was manage to keep from editing any Wikipedia entries (that, and decorating the office for Halloween, I guess) but I should have a bare outline by noon today discussing what I’ve found. Which is mostly nothing; sound and fury, signifying nothing. I thought I had it all under control but apparently not. The plant I’m looking at has a stack damper and an auxiliary steam boiler to sparge steam into the HRSG, which means I don’t know if it’s being kept warm by the damper or the sparged steam. Smart, perhaps, but also infuriating from a data collection standpoint.

I find myself following Toronto politics from afar (any city with that many “o”s is fascinating, and not even San Francisco can keep up with Mount Pocono in this regard) because of my Twitter feed. I know nothing of the candidates save what I’ve read on Wikipedia (primary sources, thanks; my edits are mainly aimed at tuning up reference citations) and it seems like it would be a no-brainer to, say, not vote for anyone related to Rob Ford but yet there his brother carried a ward (Ward 2?) which will force me to read up about wards and ridings and the similarities between London and Ottawa and the political structures. Learning new things? Terrible. What about all the old things?

My evening entertainment often consists of running across strange things on eBay and then frantically researching them to convince myself I do need ’em, or else reading up about things I had and miss (my old college stereo system, sold in an upgrade in 1998, and the upgraded system was never henceforth unboxed after the move). Remember when you listened to the radio? Or put albums on the turntable? Music consumption has become so painless that even these minimal efforts have gotten cumbersome, unreasonably so. You’ll find these things make a tremendous amount of sense after a while.

I think I’ve come up with some more thoughtful ways to chart it, but I’ll proceed cautiously until I can be sure.



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