Dear J-

Maybe this is why you’re not allowed to have nice things: after hours of ignorement (I’m adding that neologism, meaning the active act of ignoring someone else) there’s no wonder that when I ask the boy to go do something he doesn’t (or can’t). It’s the whole go slow to go fast chestnut in several larger acts, which goes something like this: you’re trying to hurry somewhere and the kid is walking slowly, so you pick him up and carry him there — this works fine when they’re learning to walk, but much longer than that and you’re the one, twenty years later, carrying a grown man down the street and wondering how this came to pass. So for the boy I think we should moderate the TV a lot more.

Perhaps it’s the first-kid syndrome too; whereas with her we would carefully rinse off the pacifier and take other semi-extraordinary measures with him as the second he gets a bit less thought and care. That’s not his fault, and I need to remember that. Having two means dividing your attention and working harder, and I completely understand and respect those who stop at one. Then there are those who can further dilute their attention with more, so mad respect to them as well. I also need to remember what it’s like, evenings alone with them: there are many who have it worse than me, with no break and/or help in sight, so let’s not forget how lucky.

There’s a drifting notion in my head saying what we need now is some change in the way we handle our challenges, because if what we have doesn’t work, that’s on us to change. All the calls for cultural evolution will go unheeded as we hurtle through the dark night of uncertain effects; it doesn’t take a genius to see how we’re more willing to listen to echo chambers in dark reflection of ourselves rather than participate in constructive debate. How is it that we should have opportunities and luxuries such as we’ve seen in these past ten years while that makes us less human and able to connect with each other socially, tweets and tumblrs not excepted?



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