Whirl Pool

Dear J-

So for deadlines and responsibilities, instead I have laziness and sloth. I was supposed to renew a membership yesterday which I put off until late in the evening despite having several opportunities to correctly renew throughout the day, and now the website I need to log in to is telling me I’m no longer a member, so I can’t renew. So there you go instead: I’m calling you and obviating the reason to have an automated renewal system. This is my responsibilitiy, by the way, and not theirs, but I’m still putting the onus on them. Deadlines make me both sleepy and nervous: I don’t want to do it, and so on and so forth up until it’s ready to apply a head-splitting amount of pressure instead.

Playoff baseball started last night which reminds me how much more interesting baseball becomes during the playoffs (regular season games are okay, but not played with the same sense of urgency, perhaps, that I remember from the perennial Red Sox-Yankees matchups in October from say ten to fifteen years ago). The one-game playoffs are pretty exciting and you can’t ask for anything more than extra innings to kick off the postseason. You can talk about talent dilution with adding extra teams in (three divisions? two wild cards? I know, I know) but if the teams have gotten this far already, what’s the harm in another game or two?

Well, besides the fact that it’s October already and we’re spilling over into November playoff baseball, but who complains about monthlong tournaments and similar drama? This reminds me that we should be working much harder to keep up some energy throughout the day; our keenness should be focused on finding stuff to do outdoors rather than trapped in front of the screen and thinking this is it. I found depth charts from the NOAA for San Francisco Bay and I’ve been surprised by how shallow it gets, especially around us, but uncharted depths and currents make for quite unexpected results going forward.



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