Scattered Showers

Dear J-

The rain’s put a bit of a damper on the day, but we’ll get through it. Rain. It’s been months, welcome back; don’t get the wrong impression, as we for sure need you. Fer sure. Now would have been a good time to try out a rain cape, but you know, hindsight. At the moment I’m occupied wondering what that wet smell is and realizing it’s probably me. Lovely. Wool keeps you wet and um, sheepy apparently. Rain gear is worth the investment. Let’s repeat that. I may end up looking for something this week.

It’s not a driving rain by any means but this funk, this miasma … I keep hoping there’s a solution but I think I may have to end up hanging these clothes up in another room. Whew.

I love the thought of smoking people out of the office unless that person is supposed to be there — with any luck my roommate will stay home today and not be offended by the funk. Granted, if my sense of smell is this bad and yet I’m still smelling this, I wonder if there’s any hope for the next few hours.

Well, the rain appears to have washed all the thoughts from my head. What was I thinking before? When I got up? It’s a nice alternative to other options this early in the morning.

Steel wheels on iron roads; at some point we have the churn to handle the added load. We’re nearly at October and in some kind of a holding pattern with respect to work, as we head into the new outage seasons.



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