Flexible Stretch

Dear J-

If you ever feel yourself slipping back into a routine you should probably find some way — some useful way that maybe isn’t completely sociopathic — to disrupt the usual. I have a few different routes to the train station in the morning, depending on my mood where I can pick a variety of quiet streets in the early morning dark. There’s a few more cars but for the most part when I cross into Burlingame I don’t see traffic until I arrive at the station. On the other hand perhaps getting to Burlingame station itself is part of the routine and I need to mix it up by going further north. Change is coming and you should be so lucky to pivot adroitly, so practice now.

My dad used to practice this: run through it in your head at least once, rehearse in front of a mirror if you have to. The more time you have is the more time to get it right. Staying flexible is a good idea for anyone, so perhaps these little challenges end up adding up to something much more meaningful. Let’s put it a different way: practice makes perfect. Or perfect practice makes … no, let’s stick with the cliche. Be willing to try new things, and don’t be afraid of letting them fail.

Nothing is going to be perfect the first time through the gates, so unless you expect that of yourself, you need to understand it’s not reasonable to find that in others. If you find yourself working way too hard then perhaps it’s reasonable to expect some help from the other folks who are with you, but maybe you should ask; it never hurts to confirm, does it? Or does it? I admit I’m not the most patient in the world when it comes to repeating instructions and expectations, so let’s remember to be kind and take it less seriously, unless you want to haul out the old hoary tale of perfect practice only.



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