Mirror Mirror

Dear J-

McCartney wrote one of the triple medleys on the flip side of Abbey Road — namely Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight/The End — where the closing line is “And in the end | the love you take | is equal to the love | you make”. I might be misremembering it but I listened to that album a lot in college and I’m reasonably confident. Love isn’t money; it’s not a conservation equation of mass or energy; the more you spend, the more you receive. Simple math isn’t enough to describe the calculus of the heart, after all. I’m not sure if it’s worth calculating a rate of return other than to say the misers here are more miserable than usual.

I’m learning that patience works the same way. The more you extend the more likely it is you’re going to receive. It’s easy to pass judgment in the silence of your head (that was me, yelling profanities at the truck that nearly turned right into me yesterday) but consider that most people wouldn’t be rude unless they think they can get away with it (those cars that shove in front of you while merging? you think their drivers would do the same in a coffee shop line?). Just ponder that for a moment; especially with kids, they learn how you deal with things and work accordingly: these are the lessons you teach. This is the abrupt anger they’ve learned to react with.

When I was reading the barely-better-than-fanfic Pocket Books Star Trek novels (I still love Black Fire and The Final Reflection) I remember one author proposed something like a perfect reflector to counter phaser fire — phasers being some form of electromagnetic radiation and therefore subject to mirror reflection — which would redirect the fire back at the aggressor. At the time I scoffed, thinking that of course there would be ways around it (ha, just hit it with a photon torpedo!) or since there’s no such thing as a perfect reflector, waste heat would eventually degrade the reflector’s capability. I hadn’t counted on kids, who are perfect reflectors of ourselves, not as we want to be but as we are.



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