Progress Report #43

Dear J-

This is the week we do the all-out bribery and work to get the boy potty trained, which is probably something we should have done maybe six months ago, but so be it and so on and so forth. We have been lazy — I have been lazy — and we have had better things to do like … watching TV and stuff. I know, there’s no excuse. It’s extra work, but when you compare it with the idea that he might be held out of certain things because he doesn’t reliably use the toilet instead of diapers, that’s been the final impetus to get him on the can. We have a box of toys that he earns by just trying to go several times in a row, and we’ll probably ratchet up the difficulty in the days to come as he progresses.

What we really have to do is work on the motivation; why you would want to go to the bathroom, right? Why bother to interrupt what you’re doing for something like this, right? I have to remember and/or remind myself that there’s no deeper intent going on, that is there’s no way he does these things solely to infuriate us, and adjust my reactions accordingly. Patience is the real watchword here, and with some patience and work, things will be way better. Way. Remember when I said I couldn’t wait for us to be moved and in a house and boy, wouldn’t things be better then? I have to remind myself the reward will be there and it will indeed be worth it.

I’m not always clear on the concept, I guess. You can stare at these things for hours on end without realizing the simple message that awaits you, so if you don’t get it right away there’s no need to panic. Take a deep breath and try again. Life is always going to amaze and surprise you so don’t even bother bemoaning your lot, especially since you’ve got nothing to complain about. I used to read blogs where the authors would count their blessings in closing, realize how lucky they were, and sign off happier than when they entered; I may not go so far, but I do agree there’s nothing to fear moving forward.



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