Credit Due

Dear J-

I keep trying to keep up with all the various developments in technology (read that as “I read a lot of gadget-y blogs”) and so it was with no small surprise last Friday that I saw someone with an iPhone 6 out in the wild (he was an Apple engineer, I gather, and explained somewhat sheepishly what a relief it was to be able to bring it off-campus). Just like that, we’re off and running on adrenaline and wow. You know if you had asked me a couple of weeks ago, I would have said that of course there’s nothing wrong with the 5S, just as there’s nothing wrong with it today. On the other hand, the techno-lust knows no bounds.

Let’s consider what’s good enough instead. Flagships from last year are still useable and desirable, but those from 2011 and before (my current suite, which comprises the iPhone 4, issued from work, and a Galaxy Nexus, my purchase) are fairly slow. Let’s be real: for someone who worked with an ancient Treo just because it had Bluetooth, we’re not doing too badly, I’d say. The 5S is coming to my service provider, a MVNO with Sprint, in a couple of weeks, so there’s an opportunity to upgrade theVet perhaps. Or maybe … perhaps … life instead. I’ve been trying to bring myself to a budget with my purchases (I realized I had a problem when I got a box filled with twenty-some odd calculators, which I’d bought because it seemed like a good deal at the time).

Perhaps there should be credit given for purchases for the house instead; let’s think about replacing all the different dimmer switches (8! worse, they don’t all work the same way) with something more consistent, like maybe out of the Lutron catalog.


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