University Days

Dear J-

One year later, here we are. We have not been on any extended road trips together, so we’ve spent the entire last year in the Bay Area now, me minus the three business trips (Charlotte, Nashville and Chicago, which total to less than two weeks); one year later, what’s new? I’m forcibly reminded, as I scrape my legs against various obstacles in the dark, how we live in a city if not the City I’d thought of when we first conceived of this crazy plan. That was when I thought San Francisco was a completely closed enrollment district, where you went to school based on your geographic location. Thankfully we were disabused of that notion with a more careful read of district policies, although I do wonder if we might have been happier stuck in that … well, no.

I still wonder about what other paths my life might have taken if not for … X. These can be fun what-ifs or at the same time they could be strange and unproductive. There’s also a sense of what if and should it even matter, given where you are now: if you’re not happy then maybe you should wonder about it. At the same time I keep thinking that maybe I’d like to dabble in some real estate to see if we could try to come out ahead, but we don’t have the money to spare, honestly. What we paid versus what we could get and what things are going for now are all three dizzyingly separate numbers, and that’s enough for now.

At the end we’ll keep trying to find new ways of motivation. The boy’s progress with potty training continues, albeit slowly as he resists even trying. Why no try? I think you’ll eventually understand at about the same time you choose to wear underwear that isn’t imprinted with cartoon characters; we’re not there yet but we’ll get there sooner or later. Hopefully sooner, unless you want to see us start to cry with frustration; it’s been a long slog already and we’re ready to give up at times, although I suppose what we need to do is tackle it with resolve and patience. Keep driving, please; one more year, one more decade, one more just one more.



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