Conquering Heroes

Dear J-

There are days theVet recites a veritable litany of things we as parents are expected to do for school and kids and inevitably at some point one or both of us will remark how this never seemed to happen to our parents, that we have it so hard.

But then I think of our kids, who are threatened, according to the news, by so many other perils we never faced as kids: kidnappers! pedophiles! internet porn! bullying! social media! conformity! And I begin to wonder, wow, this next generation has it hard, too.

Truth is somewhere in between, as it always is. Yes, my — our — parents didn’t have the same pressures we do, but they had their own. Bringing in immigrant relatives? Buying a house without help? Learning a new language? Foreign country? New life? There are so many I can’t even begin to comprehend, and I’m sure some of them resonate with you or generations immediately prior because it’s true, and unique, and can’t be explained by your standard hand-wringing argument that the next generation is doomed because of this new threat. You know what this does for me instead? Hope.

Because we are infinitely adaptable, because I’ve seen change in my lifetime there is every reason to hope and believe in the future. Take a minute and recount not your potential threats but all the things you’ve already conquered. Only a minute, though, because now you’re ready for more.



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