Crisp Fall

Dear J-

All ready already and eager to be heading out, such as it is. I fear the ennui that has followed me from San Onofre has caught up some days and then I get a new spreadsheet to play with and everything’s all right for now. For now, at least, until we get a little closer to the next month and I start to run dry on things to do. There’s a lot I feel like I should be doing to drum up business but I’m not sure how I’d start, or who I could enlist, or … any number of sad excuses, please insert them here. Let’s not prolong the agony too much longer and bring this paragraph to a close, quickly now, before we say something that clonks down like an anvil.

There’s approximately a thousand things I should say about the ways of work. Now approximately a year after starting I’m feeling a bit more comfortable with what and how I do things; the why comes a bit more slowly, but it’ll be here, don’t worry. The mechanical aspects of who to submit things to, and who you have to keep happy are not any different than any other work (you just have to know who to know) but still, there’s that disquiet when someplace you’ve been for over a decade has moved on from you and you haven’t. Thousands have moved on; why not me? I suppose it might be a form of homesickness.

You’re uprooted from the familiar and the comfortable and expected to go do great things with the new, and that can be intolerable. The millions of hours (okay, let’s be fair: the actual number is something closer to 8783 per year, so a million hours would take you over a hundred years) you spent getting good at something you have to move on from. I was quite excited this morning to have a chill in the air as I rose from bed and got on my bike; it was crisp in a way I never remember from San Diego Septembers and I’m glad to have had the chance to experience that, which I wouldn’t have had things not changed in a hurry last year. Life isn’t just good, after all.


P.S. As hard as it is to be single-handed in the evenings, I need to remember what it’s like when I go traveling, or if circumstances were different. Keep that in mind as you move on with your life.


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