Fall Weather

Dear J-

So what we’ve been doing on the weekends is likely to become habit the longer we persevere in it: all TV, rising occasionally to hit the okay button as we keep on being lazy about going out: oh, it would take too much sunscreen. Or time. Or distance (hey, look, the boardwalks of the world are not going to visit themselves, now, are they?) or effort or … in effect we’re being held hostage by the house because of theVet’s job (my fault, as I haven’t wanted to take off on my own and watch the kids, which is at a delicate juncture — the boy is in the process of going on the potty every half hour to an hour in order to get used to the notion of caring about being clean.).

This is not tenable, and we need to figure out ways to get out and be active unless we want to see these sorts of bad habits perpetuated for generations yet to come. It’s easy, and it’s safe, and it has wi-fi, so why not stay at home? This is not how I want to be spending my weekends, even though it’s given me a chance to play some games and be rested (i.e. multiple naps throughout the day). There’s a lot of world out there to be explored, and I choose to be engaged in it. Let us see, for instance, how far we can get via public transit in the City. How about taking a ferry ride somewhere? Or better yet, what about trying to spend some time together instead of separately wrapped up in all our screens?

This is an easy fix, and I hope we can start putting it together in the next few weeks. It’s hardly worth having to put up with this resistance of trying to spend time together because we haven’t spent time together, and we should be so lucky to have as much as we do.


I’m regretting starting to read A Winter’s Tale, where what sounds like a good story is being strangled by overcomplicated and pretentiously obnoxious writing. After the first chapter, which kept repeatedly dropping me out of the story with one clunky phrase after another, I nearly gave up on the book. Now I’m almost sure I will — there’s been a paragraph where the author has done nothing more than rattle off words from a dictionary with less-than-common usage. Because you want us to leave your story? Because you are smarter than us? I’ll tell you what I’m smarter than: putting up with this book a minute longer.

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