Adaptive Immersion

Dear J-

So the other thing we did this three-day weekend was go to the beach, and despite the traffic (where CA-92, I-280 and Skyline all meet up by the reservoir) I think it was well worth it. Whatever the cost — $10 for parking, $20 for lunch and however much gas we burned idling along in traffic — I think we came out ahead. Both kids were dunked within minutes of pulling up to the beach — the waves here are stronger than I suspected, and at the very end there was a moment when figgy got dunked and pushed under (she got up and declared there would be no more beach for her, but I suspect there will still be beach in the future).

I think I’ve said before how much I believe in the healing power of salt air, sand and waves; driving home with sand-encrusted feet is one of those things you really have to try out for yourself and even today, two days later, that healthy burn (I think it’s healthy, anyways, and not some sort of exotic fungus) inside my shoes reminds me where we went and how we were. This is, maybe, a byproduct of growing up in landlocked Cheney but I’ll seize any chance I can get to go to the shore. It wasn’t as crowded as some of the beaches in San Diego, so that was unexpectedly nice, and the water wasn’t too much cooler, either. Let’s come back in the winter and fall to reserve final judgment on that, though.

This place is starting to feel more local, finally; part of that is not looking back in comparison (well, when we were in San Diego …) and another part is finding substitutes. We are closer to the water now, but farther from the ocean and beaches (though I have yet to see if some of the Bay beaches down towards Foster City are worth exploring; I’m almost continuously horrified by how much dye goes into some of the landscaped water features — the other day I drove by a fountain in Sunnyvale that featured aqua jets, like some sort of giant toilet spritzer. Yeah, some things are different, but that’s all they are — different. Not better or worse. we adapt; we shift; we succeed.



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