Dear J-

I still need to gather my thoughts for today, but let’s leave it at this for now: it’s been a fairly busy weekend for theVet, who had five housecalls in three days, took the kids to the circus on Saturday, and still managed to find time to keep them clothed and fed throughout despite my best efforts otherwise (turns out a lot of the things I remember them wearing earlier this year, they’ve outgrown; who’d-a thunk it, right?). We did have a fun time at the circus, albeit expensive; during the intermission I wandered out to get a shave ice and a cotton candy, both of which came with souvenirs (hat! tiger cup/lidded stein!) at $30 total. This is the true price of the circus.

The show is as much showmanship (look! unicorn! pegasus! wooly mammoth!) in flashing spotlights and live theater, crowd-pleasing spectacle for the paying audience as it is with the somewhat regrettable traditional inclusion of animal acts (given the choice, where would the elephants and tigers and lions rather be, but then again, what circus is complete without them?). Still, I’d probably go see it again (and would look forward to it, when I know the Cow Palace isn’t banning cameras like I thought they were), possibly next year or perhaps if they just had an act like live theater or something similar.

The Cow Palace itself, as venues go, wasn’t so bad in the daytime. I know there’s a lot of reviews saying how sketchy the neighborhood is at night, but I wonder how much of that is true and how much is folks not wanting to deal with Daly City. I’m always a little surprised by the basic decency of our neighborhoods, which is mainly because our neighbors all work and are too tired to carouse into the wee hours (yesterday after settling the kids in for the night I took a blackout-quality nap for forty minutes), so perhaps my biases are showing as well.



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