Delayed Reaction

Dear J-

I was in Chicago for most of this week (fly in Tuesday, fly out Thursday) and didn’t get as much done as I thought I might be able to (I had a much-needed nap after catching up on all the time changes and then just all the running around on Wednesday), but hopefully enough, I suppose. By Wednesday night I thought nothing of having the opportunity to wander and see sights along the EL but only went as far as Chinatown, not knowing any better, at least in terms of which stops corresponded to which attractions. After dinner there I got a box of moon cakes and looked, briefly, for some tourism souvenirs, struck out and resolved to look at the airport in the morning, went back and instead of sleeping let my good intentions get the better of me.

First there was the spreadsheet, which Excel crashed in the middle of updating and I suspect never fully repaired (it became buggy and unusable, so I started over — now that I had the logic down it wasn’t hard) and the letter I need to write (which I keep starting in my head but never committing to paper, not yet at least). I ended up going to bed late, getting up early, rushing to the airport way too early and finally, coming to rest like some wandering meteorite, crashing in a suspiciously narcoleptic manner throughout the remainder of the day (on the plane, on the bus, at home after lunch and after dinner). We delay our reactions in order to be more socially (responsible? acceptable?) friendly but sometimes you just can’t keep up with everything else.

I had a good trip to Chicago but I wonder what catches more attention, if you’re attentive and aggressively challenging, or whether more measured, thoughtful replies are better. I like to think that I’m going to be able to drop some good comments in the coming week but if I don’t then why am I even trying to help out here? There are a lot of variables that should be considered, and ironing out every one of them isn’t going to be a particularly easy — or quick — task. Such is life, so we go. This is why we have comments, and questions, and answers, and how we build consensus and why a good project manager delegates responsibilities and if you can’t do it all immediately, you should at least schedule some time to do it.


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