Don’t Look Back

Dear J-

What do you miss from San Diego? We’re coming up fast on a year since we left and haven’t returned yet, nowhere near in fact. This confirms a pattern we’ve had with other moves; I remember leaving the duplex in Davis and never passing by there again (as far as I know I’ve only been back once since we left, and then only to the campus). We did swing by the little house in North Park a couple of times, but that was because it was on the way to the Big Kitchen and we were in the area. I wonder what might be brewing in Clairemont, but neighborhood-wise we have it nice here in San Mateo: walking distance to parks (we need to go visit some parks more often, I think), nice breezes off the Bay and quiet. We had the quiet in Clairemont, too, but it wasn’t really laid out for walking.

I miss being a member or holding passes to the various world-class attractions in the area; we would always have something to do on the weekends, and jostling with tourist crowds seems different when you have to pay to get in. Going to San Francisco and doing the same isn’t quite the same as pushing your way through a Sea World crowd, y’know? I’d hear a lot of accents at the Zoo, too, and that would fill me with a sense of pride, knowing that we were a destination, a desirable destination. On the other hand we have yet to scratch the surface of some of what this region holds; like I was saying yesterday we need to get out and make some more summer memories.

Let’s think about that for a moment; are there more memories or regrets when associated with experiences compared to things? How many times have you said “oh I wish I had …” when you think about what you did versus what you bought? My parents were singularly disapproving of the annual fireworks expenses, asking if we’d be better off just setting twenty dollars on fire instead (standard disclaimer: do not light your money on fire) but instead it’s the memories of the various excitements (I can’t wait!) and the actual events that stand out in my mind. Sure it wasn’t cheap but it was worth it, right? So me looking back at San Diego fondly has to do less with the house and more that the fun we had isn’t continued.




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