Roll On

Dear J-

For half a minute there you could almost imagine yourself rolling backwards as you pull into the station while the other train pulls out. All your visual reference is filled by the train running in the opposite direction and you can’t tell for that brief interlude if the brakes aren’t working or indeed, if you’ve reversed direction smoothly and without cease. I recommend it. Even as your inner ear tells you you’re slowing, you pick up on motion visually and … trippy. I suppose that there is more to it than tricking the lizard part of your brain but hey, if you’re looking for cheap thrills …

I keep thinking I should have spent more time with my family this summer; there were days off I could have used or places I could have suggested more in line with where we were ultimately planning to visit: rides, fairs; when they say there’s stuff for the whole family I need to honor that with a good effort to find things that all four kids would want to attend. I think we’ve eaten hamburgers at least once a week (remember when we used to get McDonald’s no more than once a year, growing up? are we killing the kids with good intentions?) for the past few months and me being me, I should know that I should just quit ordering for myself and fixing up a big batch of leftovers from the kids instead.

Summer is fleeing; the days are warm and the evenings still light, but for someone who watches the sun rise from the bike saddle I’m seeing a lot more darkness in the mornings, which is likely to persist as we march on towards another fall and winter; I’ll break out progressively heavier shirts and pants until the eye is no longer fooled by the inexorable movement of time forward always forward. Expansion. Entropy. What does next year hold? Next month? Tomorrow? We’ll meet up again soon enough, and all the first impressions I might have had will be either without merit or familiar, personas to slip on and pass along.



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