Good Good Good, Good Intentions

Dear J-

I’ll take good intentions for a hundred, Alex.

This was originally meant to be helpful, but ended up being another burden to lug back and forth from work.

What is the camera I bought? That video game system? An extra phone?

Yes, all of those are true. The judges will accept those answers.

Let’s consider this, first of all. When I put a camera in my bag, it’s so I have a camera around me if I need itt; chances are, though, that I don’t end up using it ever and the battery dies and/or the charger gives up the ghost so when I do need it, it isn’t available. Or worse yet, the strains of being on the road kill the camera before long (this happened to two cameras already) and it turns out the only electronics that are suited for toting back and forth are phones; I grow ever more impressed by the mechanical designers and packaging folks responsible for that marvel.

I used to advocate small cameras with big flashes; in my bag I had an Olympus 35RC with a Vivitar 285, which was more than enough flash to take care of any situation, and a lens/sensor equivalent to any other portable setup out there. Maybe some day the economies of scale will allow large sensors to be made as cheaply as film, but I doubt it, as the requirements of perfection are likely to outstrip any savings from scale. It feels odd to be talking about gear again but I keep flashing back to all the good intentions I’ve had in all the weeks of the year, hours of the day, and for what? It’s all excuses to justify cash flying out the door.

We’re set to meet up one last time this summer, although it’s strange to still consider this the summer since figgy’s back in school (year-round program). My parents kept artifacts from that time period, including a group (class) shot (why don’t they do that any more instead of compositing a bunch of pictures together? probably from good intentions: no one’s going to buy a picture of their kid mugging it up for the camera, and the potential for bad expressions is multiplied by twenty five with that large of a group) but I have my memories from that year — and similar years — instead: first day, new school, learning new names and things people did. Good intentions, thickening the air.



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